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Welcome to the Wine Academy!

A big part of this business that brings us so much joy is sharing our wines and our knowledge to everyone and anyone who is interested.  Seeing someone gain confidence when selecting wine, become adventurous when hosting parties, and just taking more pleasure in every sip and taste is a beautiful thing to witness. 


Here are our course offerings this year in recommended order.  Allow us to usher you into the wonderful world of wine. 


With social distancing and proper health protocols in place, we accept on-site invitations; otherwise, courses are available as webinars. (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Wine Curious.jpg



We’ll let you in on a secret – it’s not that complicated. Learning the basics increases one’s confidence and appreciation, significantly.  Let’s get started.

Wine Service.jpg



Wine bottles – a much cause of intimidation and fear: from reading labels among many choices, price considerations, to keeping, opening, and serving properly.  Let’s get into this.

Wine Serious.jpg



Take more pleasure in every sip and elevate your wine experience by understanding everything that goes into a bottle, and be able to describe wine for yourself.  Let’s get personal.

Wine and Cheese



Food and wine is always a good idea.  It can get tricky but… let’s turn down the pressure and turn up the fun instead; and get this party started!

Red Wine
Paige Meneses

Paige Meneses


Paige is the Managing Director and part-owner of Titania Wine Cellar.  She joined the family business in 2014 after 10 years as Training Manager in one of the country’s leading BPOs.  Aside from her strategic role and managing day to day operations, Paige also leads the company’s wine education advocacy – conducting countless trainings for restaurants, hotels, resorts, sommeliers and staff....

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