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Started in 1982, Anthony’s Wines and Spirits introduced the Philippine market to global luxury brands such as Joseph Drouhin, M. Chapoutier, Bollinger, Chivas Regal, Rémy Martin among others; even Evian.  After a world of travel immersing the vineyards and wineries of Rioja, Tuscany, Champagne, and Bordeaux to name a few, company matriarch and Chairwoman, Tita Meneses-Trillo,  fell deeply in-love and focused solely on wine.  This marks our birth as Titania Wine Cellar.

Tita Meneses Trillo

“Or say, sweet love, what thou desirest to eat.” – Titania

Fondly, Tita would alter this quote to, “Sweet love, what thou desirest to drink?”  Similar to Titania, queen of the fairies in Shakespear’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Tita Trillo is both beautiful and determined.  Navigating the male-dominated industry in the early years was not an easy feat.  But with wisdom and grace, the world was enchanted and Tita was whisked into private parties, the inauguration of Opus One, vendange of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, and the glitz and glamour of Festival de Cannes — yes, from soil to the red carpet; dark cellars to flashing lights.


Blessed and overjoyed, Tita took everything she learned and shared these experiences back home.  Dinner parties abound where the country’s affluent get personal introductions of wine straight from the owners who fly in to attend.  This earned Tita the playful nickname, The Wine Diva; which resounded globally especially with the ground-breaking Miss Mouton where winners get to rub elbows with elites and celebrities at Festival de Cannes.

Tita Meneses Trillo

Glitter aside, Tita’s love for wine goes beyond hosting parties.  This was just one of the ways to enjoy and share her passion.  For the more serious wine enthusiasts and aspiring sommeliers, Tita generously shared her know-how, her books, her wine, and most of all, the world — opening gates to vineyards, and doors to chateaux that were otherwise inaccessible to strangers.  This allowed many Filipinos to have priceless experiences and a deeper understanding and appreciation for wine and everything that goes on leading to the final product.

Tita and Titania are one and the same.  Tita is Titania, Titania is Tita — a name synonymous to wine and recognizable in the local and international wine industry.  Now, Tita and our team continue exploring vineyards and wineries and have ventured into the New World as well — such as in Chile, and Argentina.  Winemakers and representatives frequently visit to introduce wines, host parties, conduct tasting and classes.  To align with a growing set of standards, we have acquired, and sponsored for, Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) certification, and have been an active wine education advocate conducting countless private and professional training.

Tita Meneses Trillo

As more Filipinos from different walks of life discover and appreciate wine, our passion and drive grows even stronger.  With help from younger brother and President/CEO, Jose P. Meneses, we have expanded our wine portfolio, market-presence in retail and ontrade/offtrade distribution, and established nationwide operations central in Metro Manila; with extended offices and warehouses in Cebu and Baguio catering to Visayas, Mindanao, and Northern Luzon respectively.  And now, finally we endeavour a new line of business as the market opens online.


Almost 40 years in the business and Titania Wine Cellar has cemented its name – known for quality wines, established brands, thoughtful service, and favourable partnership.

Jose P. Meneses
Tita Meneses Trillo
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